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Consume more ecological and stay in a hotel which is environmentally conscious

Discover this environmentally friendly hotel, a pioneer that received the highly selective ‘Green Key’ certificate for its efforts. It does not matter whether you are an informed consumer, or you are looking to act positively in favor of the environment, or you're just curious... You really need to discover this hotel!

The water and energy consumption is monitored and limited on a daily basis; the purchases are being reconsidered with greener products that consume less energy; the waste is recycled up to the maximum for your welfare and all cleaners have an eco-label.

The Green Key is a voluntary label that is awarded every year by an independent panel to the complete ecological, tourist accommodation sector: hotels, campsites, cottages, bed and breakfasts, tourist residences….

The jury asks a resume of the evolution and improvements from all of its candidates. The criteria are set at international level and are common in all countries. Each year, these criteria are re-evaluated in order to ensure that the avant-gardism is preserved and to meet the environmental requirements of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe. 
This yearly evaluation takes place in a common way with all the coordinators of the label. France hosted for the International coordination from 2002 until 2008. Now, the Netherlands are responsible for this matter.
The criteria relate to various areas of environmental management:
General environmental management, education of the workers
Management of resources and sanitation, sanitary
Waste sorting, reduction of the volumes
Management of energy, heat, appliances, lighting
Food, maintenance, other purchases
Indoor environment, outdoor environment
Inform the guests, nature activities 


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